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In a nutshell

  • Gold is of increasing importance in terms of its social, environmental and geopolitical issues. Switzerland is one of the key players in this market, not only for trading but also for refining. It is becoming urgent to know where the gold is coming from.
  • Our project provides a powerful tool for determining the source of modern gold issued from primary production. By this, we contribute to responding concretely and rigorously to the demands of society and the markets for greater transparency in the gold trading sector.
  • Our approach is based on scientific analyses (isotopic, chemical and statistical). It therefore provides scientific proof, making fraud difficult.


  • Our project aims at the confirmation of origin declared by the gold suppliers.
  • We offer a geoforensic gold passport that describes the scientific signature (chemical, isotopic and statistical) of a supplier and enables us to differentiate one supplier from another.

Total resource needs: CHF 1’000’000.- including overhead according to the University of Lausanne rules and VAT
Already granted funding:

CHF 63’000.-

Financial support


Barbara Beck, [email protected], +41 76 398 1228

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