Operations team:

Barbara Beck, Project Leader, Geochemistry and Multivariate Statistics, University of Lausanne

Fabian Guignard, Applied Mathematics, Environmental Sciences

Federico Amato, Civil and Environmental Engineering

For specific applications, we work with:

Jonathan Jodry, Metalor Technologies, Neuchâtel-Marin

Patrice Kiener, InModelia, Paris

Associated labs:

Center for Advanced Surface analysis, University of Lausanne (Othmar Müntener)

Stable and radiogenic isotope lab, University of Geneva (Massimo Chiaradia)

Advanced Isotopic Analysis, Hélioparc, Pau, France (Sylvain Bérail and Julien Barre)

Supported by:

Geological Museum Lausanne (Nicolas Meisser, Stefan Ansermet, Gilles Borel)

SBGI (Swiss Better Gold Initiative: Diana Cullilas, Thomas Hentschel)

SECO (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs)

Valérie Boisvert, University of Lausanne

Suren Erkman, Industrial Ecology

Michel Jaboyedoff, Risk Management, University of Lausanne

Michel Maignan, Statistics