Program Wednesday, May 3 2023

General program of the day: 

09:00-12:30 Morning session: Workshop
  Moderator: Matthieu Bolay, University of Berne
09:00-10:15 Workshop
Part I: Discussion by stakeholders
Part II: Discussion in mixed groups
10:15-11:00 Coffee break
11:00 Part III: Plenary session : output of the workshop
12:00 Closing Conference: Filipe Calvão, IHEID
12:30-13:30 Aperitif Lunch
13:30-16:00 Afternoon session: Panel Discussion
  Moderator: Valérie Boisvert, University of Lausanne
Conference: Jean-Christophe Graz, University of Lausanne
Conference: Aline Gabella, University of Lausanne
Panel Discussion moderated by Nicolas Andres Eslava, afaiconsulting
16:00 Close of Conference and Workshop


Morning session: What does gold traceability bring to the various stakeholders in Switzerland?

Discussion of specific issues according to the following groups:

Goup 1 : Refiners
Group Moderator : Muriel Côte, University of Lund, Sweden
PX group Christophe Nicolet, Andreas Blatter
PAMP MKS Olivier Demierre
Metalor Antoine de Montmollin
Argor Robin Kolvenbach
Valcambi Simone Knobloch
Valcambi Alessia Sironi
Hafner, Germany Eduard Stefansecu
Group 2 : Investment, Jewellery
Group Moderator : Matthieu Bolay, University of Berne and HES-SO
BCV Esther Halas
ZKB Stephanie Bauduin
Breitling Aurelia Figueroa
Chopard Pauline Evequoz
PPT Frédéric Dawance
Rio Rayo Jewellery, Colombia Laura Rodriguez
Group 3 : NGO’s
Group Moderator : Valérie Boisvert, University of Lausanne
Swissaid Marc Ummel
Société des peuples menacés Julia Büsser
Max Havelaar Markus Staub
SBG Initiative Thomas Hentschel
Pure Earth France Cabanillas
Groupe 4 : Administration
Group Moderator : Daniela Fabel, SECO
Swiss Border Thomas Brodmann
Federal Police Brazil Erich Adam
DEKSOR, Germany Kira Herrenknecht

International Mining Consultant,

Former Vice Minster of Mines, Peru

Augusto Cauti
FDFA (Federal Department of Foreign Affairs) Frédéric Chenais
Groupe 5 : Academics and traceability tools provider
Group Moderator : Christoph Kaufmann
Gabriel Kamundala RDC, University of Zurich
Filipe Calvão IHEID
Jean Kouamé University of Abidjan, Ivory Cost
Bruno Regli Geoblock
Urs Röösli aXedras
Fabio Salvador University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Afternoon session: What to do with traceability tools? Should they be institutionalised?

Panel discussion moderated by:

Nicolas Andres Eslava, Afai Consulting,


Swiss Custom Thomas Brodmann

IBRAM (Instituto Brasileiro de Mineração)

Raul Jungmann

International Mining Consultant

Former vice-minister of mines, Peru

Augusto Cauti
Attorney General, Geneva Sylvie Bertrand-Curreli
WGC (World Gold Council) Andrew Hayes
ASFCMP (Swiss Association of Manufacturers and Traders in Precious Metals) Antoine de Montmollin